There’s a Fountain Free

      There's a Fountain Free (10/29/2010)
      There's a Fountain Free (9/21/2012)
      There's a Fountain Free (10/25/2013)

Words: Mary B. Slade
Music:  Asa B. Everett

There’s a fountain free, ’tis for you and me:
Let us haste, O haste to its brink;
’Tis the fount of love from the Source above,
And He bids us all freely drink.


There’s a living stream, with a crystal gleam:
From the throne of life now it flows;
While the waters roll let the weary soul
Hear the call that forth freely goes.


There’s a rock that’s cleft and no soul is left,
That may not its pure waters share;
’Tis for you and me, and its stream I see:
Let us hasten joyfully there.


Will you come to the fountain free?
Will you come? ’tis for you and me;
Thirsty soul hear the welcome call:
’Tis a fountain opened for all.

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