There Is a Habitation

      There Is a Habitation (9/24/2010)
      There is a Habitation
      There Is a Habitation (10/7/2011)
      There Is a Habitation (9/20/2013)

Words: L. H. Jameson
Music:  J. H. Rosecrans

There is a habitation
Built by the living God
For all of ev’ry nation
Who seek that grand abode


A city with foundations
Firm as th’eternal throne
Nor wars nor desolations
Shall ever move a stone


No night is there, no sorrow
No death, and no decay
No yesterday, no morrow
But one eternal day


Within its pearly portals
Angelic armies sing
With glorified immortals
The praises of its King


O Zion, Zion, I long thy gates to see
O Zion, Zion, when shall I dwell in thee?

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