Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

      Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (2/12/2010)

      Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (1/28/2011)
      Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (10/28/2011)

Words: Phillip P. Bliss
Music:  Phillip P. Bliss

Brightly beams our Father’s mercy
From His lighthouse evermore,
But to us He gives the keeping
Of the lights along the shore.


Dark the night of sin has settled,
Loud the angry billows roar;
Eager eyes are watching, longing,
For the lights, along the shore.


Trim your feeble lamp, my brother,
Some poor sailor tempest tossed,
Trying now to make the harbor,
In the darkness may be lost.


Let the lower lights be burning!
Send a gleam across the wave!
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman
You may rescue, you may save.

5 Responses to Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

  1. wayne harris says:

    I was asked to lead some songs I had not led before and I found you website searching for the songs. Beautifully sung and a great resourse for me. Thankyou.

    Wayne Harris
    Malaga Church of Christ
    Perth Western Australia

  2. Great Site, Should help me with some song learning from the song books. God bless and thanks.

  3. I appreciate your site on songs. I am the keeper of our website and the song leader of our congregation. We use the book ‘Songs of the Church’ published by A. Howard.
    There is a paste-in song by the title of “Tell them of Jesus”. I have looked everywhere to find this song being sung and have not been able to find it. Since I don’t read music I learn songs by hearing and practicing … (by rote). Would appreciate it if you could lead me to a site that sings this song. Thanks

  4. Melinda says:

    ran across this website. beautiful singing! do you have any cassettes or cds available?

    • Editor-1 says:

      We don’t sell tapes or cds. You are always welcome to download the individual mp3 files and make your own playlist or cd.

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