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  1. Paulette S Thompson says:

    I have searched for a site that carried A Capella singing of Hymns in the Church of Christ hymnals sung according to the the music. Your site has given me access to be able to learn Songs of the Church correctly without instrumental accompaniment. It is an excellent site for teaching choral groups church music without instruments. While you have a good variety of songs, it would be ideal if you also used one or more of the Hymnals used in Congregational singing to day.

    I initially was searching for the Hymn: All the Way My Savior Leads Me and found so many others. I also noted the variety of having the verses sung by each voice on some of the songs which also aids in teaching four-part harmony. Thank you for the repetition of songs which means they can be played until groups become familiar enough to sing parts and can be drilled until able to sing in the congregation or group, i.e., Nearer Still Nearer.

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