Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

      Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (10/14/2011)
      Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (1/18/2013)

Words:  Jessie Brown Pounds
Music:   J. S. Fearis

Somewhere the sun is shining,
Somewhere the songbirds dwell;
Hush, then thy sad repining,
God lives, and all is well.


Somewhere the day is longer,
Somewhere the task is done;
Somewhere the heart is stronger,
Somewhere the guerdon won.


Somewhere the load is lifted,
Close by an open gate;
Somewhere the clouds are rifted,
Somewhere the angels wait.


Somewhere, Somewhere,
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere!
Land of the true, where we live anew,
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere!

2 Responses to Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

  1. Loyce "Sam" Pulliam says:

    Thank you again….I really needed to visit the beautiful isle of somewhere tonight. God Bless You.

  2. RHONDA says:

    love the beautiful hymns sung in worship to our CREATOR!!!! THANKS!!!! GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL OF YOU!!!

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