He Knows Just What I Need

      He Knows Just What I Need (1/21/2011)
      He Knows Just What I Need (9/21/2012)

Words: Mosie Lister
Music:  Mosie Lister

My Jesus knows when I am lonely,
He knows each pain, He sees each tear;
He understands each lonely heartache,
He understands because He cares.


My Jesus knows when I am burdened,
He knows how much my heart can bear;
He lifts me up when I am sinking,
And brings me joy beyond compare.


When other friends seem to forget me,
When skies are dark, when hope is gone;
By faith I feel His arms about me,
And hear Him say, “You’re not alone.”


My Jesus knows just what I need,
O, yes, He knows just what I need;
He satisfies, and every need supplies,
Yes, He knows just what I need.

3 Responses to He Knows Just What I Need

  1. Barbara Cornelius says:

    Beautiful song brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Charles says:

    Sweet song dat touches d hear

  3. Mike Moore says:

    Precious hymn, another classic by the “class act” hymn writer of our day, Mr. Mosie Lister. Mr. Lister was a low profile, quiet man, who obviously used his quiet nature to listen to the Holy Spirit speak truths about Jesus in a very contemporary context. He penned a lot of Gospel lyrics during the 20th century, this and one more became world famous, “Till The Storm Passes By” , maybe others also, but these were the only ones I can think of. He and his fellow hymn-writer, Ira Stanphill, wrote from the same context, Gospel lyrics and tunes that glorified Jesus Christ from their situations in life. We were so blessed to have them living, ministering and writing during our lifetime. In the years and centuries to come (should the Lord tarry His coming) these two men, among several others will be numbered with those whom we consider classic hymn writers of the past such as, Fanny Crosby, John Newton, Issac Watts and many others. For that matter, I consider them top classic hymn writers now. I do love this hymn! I find myself singing it by habit while mowing the lawn, working the garden or driving down the road, especially during the difficult moments of life. It often gets “stuck in my head”, which is a good thing and a blessing from the Lord! There have been many a time when I was praying earnestly about some difficult matter, that the Holy Spirit has brought the lyrics of this hymn to my mind, especially the chorus, simply, “My Jesus knows just what I need…” A simple yet profound reminder of one of the greatest truths that is so dear and precious to each of us who know Jesus Christ!

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