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  1. Darren Howard says:

    i am your brother, a member of the Benton City Church of Christ. Its funny how God binds us together being so many miles away. When i found this site i was overjoyed!

  2. mike wilson says:

    finally. A capella.

  3. gene morphis says:

    nothing more beautiful

  4. trisha says:

    i am from the philippines, kamalig, church of christ…. so happy i find this site. thank you very much….

  5. Ron Ebert says:

    I would love to be able to down load the entire list in mp3 format. Is there anyway of doing that? Would then be able to listen while traveling etc.

    • Editor-1 says:

      You can download all of the songs you want, but at this time it’s only possible to get them one at a time.

      • Elvin DeShazo says:

        I would like to download some of the songs to play in the car but I don’t see any icon or any other way to do so.
        Is this still an option to download some of the songs?

        • Editor-1 says:

          The player for each song has a “DOWNLOAD MP4” button. You should be able to download each song by clicking that button.

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